Empowering innovation across emerging tech domains

Our research and development at the confluence of advanced digital, biological, environmental and energy technologies provides the analysis, insight and strategy companies need to thrive in the new Geotech economy.

Clarity for the
Geotech Era

The rapid innovation at the intersection of deep tech fields can trip up decision makers. The intersection of emerging technologies with geopolitics and geoeconomics can get even more complicated. Our expertise and analysis provides the strategies and foresight organizations need to chart a path through complexity to success. 

AI & Data

The increasing sophistication and power of cognitive computing, along with the explosion of data that powers those systems, will continue to transform the way organizations integrate and deploy technology. The use of artificial intelligence will become table stakes in the Geotech economy, but the effective use of AI and the protection of sensitive data will become paramount for personal, commercial and national prosperity.

Privacy & Cybersecurity

Our deepening reliance on AI and the confluence of our digital, biological and cognitive realities makes our hardware, software and wetware systems increasingly attractive targets for malevolent actors. Prosperity in the Geotech Era will rely on our ability to sustain the autonomy, privacy and security of our data and systems.

Crypto & Web3

While the volatility and growing pains of the crypto and Web3 ecosystems make headlines today, the decentralization and innovation at the core of these fields portend some remarkable benefits. Many of the current offerings will fail, but many others will become the pillars of a new array of platforms, products and services for the Geotech economy.

Climate & Energy Technologies

Climate change and its ripple effects represent the greatest threats to human existence. Solving this crisis will require both behavioral change and technological innovation. Advancements in carbon supression, capture and reuse are emerging alongside new models for carbon markets. Together, these breakthroughs could help keep emissions in check, restore our environment and prevent ecological disaster.

IoT & Smart Supply Chains

The wickedly complex interplay of digital, biological, industrial and governmental trends has forced companies to rethink their supply chains. The rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) that is connecting all facets of life and business generates troves of data that fuel new AI-powered systems, such as digital twins. In the Geotech economy, these innovative new platforms will allow companies to simulate supply chains, predict disruptions and make adjustments before lines fracture.

Genomics & Synthetic Bio

The digital, biological and ecological spheres of our existence have become inseparable in ways that will dramatically transform our lives and our organizations. Cognitive technologies such as AI, quantum computing and brain-computer interfaces are now deeply integrated with CRISPR and other genetic and synthetic biology breakthroughs. These fields are already transforming medicine and agriculture; their influence will be felt everywhere in the Geotech Era.

Our insight across Geotech domains,
available in our white papers

A Privacy-Assured, Conditional Access Data Market Design
Olaf Groth, Tobias Straube, and Dan Zehr discuss the development of an equitable data marketplace. It addresses the balance of privacy and compensation for data creators, emphasizing the need for transparent and fair data trading mechanisms.
Germany & Silicon Valley: Shaping a shared digital future
Transatlantic Sync was Silicon Valley‘s first German-American conference on the impact of new AI technologies on business and society. The White Paper was co-authored by Cambrian and German Academic Business Association.
Future of Work - Cambrian’s approach
To date, researchers have produced widely varying estimates on job disruption, each based on one of four general approaches. Cambrian proposes a model that looks at the Future of Work from an alternative perspective.