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Today's global uncertainty gives leaders an unprecedented opportunity to remobilize toward a smarter, more resilient, and more equitable future.

The Great Remobilization

Olaf Groth, Mark Esposito, Terence Tse

Global upheavals offer a unique chance to reset for a smarter, fairer future. The FLP-IT model guides us through today's challenges towards that goal.

How can leaders faced with tremendous global upheaval create more resilient and trustworthy systems? In The Great Remobilization, Olaf Groth, Mark Esposito, and Terence Tse (along with research partner Dan Zehr) diagnose tectonic shifts in the global economy with an eye toward designing a smarter “operating system” for the world. Through their FLP-IT (forces, logic, phenomena, impact, and triage) framework for strategic leadership, the authors chart a path forward, providing guidance for a new breed of “design activist leader.” Focusing on key tectonic shifts they call the Five Cs—COVID and pandemic management, the cognitive economy and crypto, cybersecurity, climate change and carbon management, and China—they examine the implications that new forces and logics will have on countries, organizations, and individuals.

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