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Resilient Strategy Hub
In order to craft resilient strategy, we first consider the implications for existing industries and domains, so our clients can “skate where the puck will be," not where it is now. This means we pressure-test existing organizational, value chain and industry structures by playing out the operating logic on relevant structures and the connective tissue between them. This reveals how power, relationships and margins are likely going to change, so we can craft a customized proactive strategy.

October 10, 2021


The use of AI by companies: balancing regulation and entrepreneurial freedom

Tobias discusses AI regulation, governance, ethics and entrepreneurial freedom with Prof. Daniel Graewe.

April 16, 2020


Coronomics: Being resilient in the global pandemic economy

The webinar was hosted by Professors Mark Esposito, Olaf Groth, and Terence Tse and moderated by Dan Zehr.


AI Business Strategy (EMBA)

Artificial intelligence and the autonomous systems that embed it have become the brains of the modern data economy.

Strategies for a Greater Global Future with Professor Olaf Groth

Professor Olaf Groth talks about his forthcoming book, The Great Remobilization: Strategies & Designs for a Smarter Global Future.

January 16, 2022


Dr Olaf Groth - Keynote on the Cognitive Era at the AI Summit 2021 in Hamburg

September 1, 2021


KI in Deutschland und im Kontext der transatlantischen Partnerschaft

February 15, 2019


Olaf Groth talks about AI, Robotics and other Technologies at the Innovation Centre Denmark 2018

February 13, 2019


Olaf Groth zur Beziehung von Mensch und Maschine (German only)

January 24, 2019


SAMSUNG FORUM: Humanity in a World of Thinking Machines & the question if there is an AI race

October 8, 2018


TEDX TALK: Human Values & Power in a World of Artificial Intelligence | Olaf Groth

December 1, 2022


AI.SUMMIT Accelerating the Cognitive Economy

AI.SUMMIT Accelerating the Cognitive Economy Join the AI.SUMMIT to network and explore Hamburg’s AI ecosystem and international partnerships to accelerate the cognitive economy.

November 16, 2022


The Transatlantic Summit 2022: Sovereignty vs. Cooperation in the Digital Era - Conference on Technology and Geopolitics

The Transatlantic Summit is where the worlds of cutting-edge research, industry, and policy come together to find answers on geopolitics, digital platforms and emerging tech as well as digital sovereignty. Whether you're an industry leader, policy maker, or student - join the start of a new Transatlantic movement seeking synergies between technology and society and become part of the international conversation going forward.

May 19, 2022


BMBF-Forum International 2022 "From Science to Life“

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April 6, 2022


The Emerging Global Data Economy – Implications and Options for the Transatlantic Relationship

This event launches the new report “The Emerging Global Data Economy – Implications and Options for the Transatlantic Relationship” from Cambrian, published by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung USA. The report highlights developments in the “Datasphere” and that thinking about data has evolved from a research and business domain to a (geo-) political and policy domain.


Coronomics: Life and Leadership Beyond the Pandemic

The post-pandemic world will not return to the reality we knew before COVID-19. We explore what exactly this means for leaders and how we can lead our society and economy through this transition.